Seangle Jakarta
This is how Seangle Jakarta commemorates the 74th Independence Day
SeaSchool Program in Palu
Program owned by Seangle, as an education to raise awareness for a cleaner environment. Especially from plastic waste.
Divers Clean Action and Seangle Beach Clean Up
Divers Clean Action and Seangle Clean Tanjung Karang Beach
Sea School at SD DDI Ujuna, Palu
Raising awareness about waste education in DDI Ujuna Palu Elementary School

Our Lab-Based Projects

Instilling proper waste management practices to the local schools

Learn english and other non-formal educational lessons with plastic waste in exchange

Local empowerment by utilizing waste and turn them into something valuable and marketable

Every purchase of the Kembali Cloth product contributes to help the fight of marine waste issues through Seangle programs.

As an innovation lab, Seangle opens a forum for the public to voice ideas in regards with environmental problems and really open for collaboration, so that the community becomes part of the solution.

Paper School is a paper waste recycling program that becomes a valuable product.

Supported by Baju Kertasku