Sea School at SD DDI Ujuna, Palu Central Sulawesi

Raising awareness about waste education in DDI Ujuna Palu Elementary School was carried out by providing 6 trash bins with different categories of waste, including paper, plastic / plastic bags, plastic bottles, transparent plastic cups, colored plastic cups, and mixed type garbage . Beginning on February 3, 2018, Seangle was well welcomed by the principal of SD DDI Ujuna to implement Seaschool for 4 months. Every Saturday, the Seangle team comes to the school and checks the trash bin that have been provided whether the waste has been sorted properly. Seangle also conducts creative education for elementary students of SD DDI Ujuna to always protect their environment from rubbish, including collecting plastic waste and plastic bottles to be made into ecobricks, then sorting together and exploring activities around the school.

Editor: Robby Butarbutar

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