TribunNews: SeaSchool, Seangle Community Featured Program in Palu

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, PALU – Sea School is a feature program owned by Seangle, as an education to raise awareness for a cleaner environment. Especially from plastic waste.

Besides that, in the Sea School program, students are also trained to sort waste that can be recycled and can be resold. For example, glass trash and plastic bottles.

The target is elementary school students. For this opportunity Seangle visited SDI Darud Da’wah Wal-Irshad.

“Seangle made trash sacks according to trash categories, the reason for collecting plastic waste so that it can be sold to collectors,” said Reni, founder of Seangle when met in the city of Palu, Central Sulawesi, Friday (9/21/2018).

SDI headmaster Darud Dakwah Wal-Irsyad also welcomed what Seangle was doing.

“We are happy, because I see that there is a lot of trash in the environment, the children are also happy that they are excited every time there is a counseling conducted by Seangle on Friday or Saturday Afternoon,” said Massarappi as head of SDI school principal Darud Dajwah Wal-Irsyad.

The Sea School program itself has been running for seven months. During the program, the benefit felt by the school is a cleaner environment. The students also understand sorting trash.

And thanks to the program, Seangle won the Indonesian Youth Marine Debris Summit (IYMDS), which was initiated by Divers Clean Action and supported by KFC. (*)

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